Dear Friends and Family,

By now most of you have heard about the fire devastation in Paradise, CA, which is located north of Sacramento. The loss for this entire city is beyond comprehension. At a time when families should be celebrating the holidays, it just breaks our hearts to see the devastation. I'm sure you all are feeling the same way.

It was just a little over one year ago that we had the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. If you all remember, Paul and I made a trip out there with 3,500 pounds of organic produce to help the survivors in Port Aransas, Texas. What do say we do this AGAIN!!!

Let's make sure these families are eating something healthy. We need your help!!!

You can donate here or call me direct and I can take your donation over the phone. Thank you so much and God Bless You.

Jennifer and Paul
Leaving, Saturday 11/24/18

How to give

There are two ways to give, either directly to Garden of Eden Organics using PayPal or by donating to City Church of San Diego.

Donate to Garden of Eden with PayPal

1) You can donate directly via PAYPAL.

-- or --

or scan this QR code

QR Code Produce for Paradise

Donate from your mobile phone

You can donate using your mobile phone directly to City Church of San Diego.

Text GivingSD to 97000

Follow the prompt to click through to City Church of San Diego. Select Disaster Relief, enter your donation amount and follow the prompts.

Or simply follow this link.

Select Disaster Relief in the drop down selector.

Images from our Harvey Relief trip in 2017